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Two Bad Vampires & a Dead Guy Crew - iceland airwaves - garage @ kapital 15.okt:
Two Bad Vampires and a Dead Guy Crew puts the "rage" in garage. The crew's three members, "Nucleo", "Pink Droid" & "Hard Ed" have established quite a reputation. The crew is notorious for its sheer power and surprising melodic structures, usually not associated with garage. By comprising different elements from different musical styles, the two bad vampires have the advantage of not having to limit themselves to a certain genre. That freedom has made the crew one of the milestones of creative arts in Reykjavik's underground garage scene. A feat unlikely accomplished if it wasn't for the immerse range of talent comprised between the three members.

The Zuckakis Mondeyano Project - iceland airwaves - garage @ kapital 15.okt:
"It was in this place right behind me that two fresh faced teenagers, Robert Zuckakis and Earl Mondeyano, decided to form the greatest rock and roll band in the world. 15 years later..." DP

TZMP was formed in springtime during the wonderful year of 2000. That year was not unlike any other years but was exceedingly good for the musical development of the founding members of the band, Arni Kristjansson and Steinn Linnet. They joined forces to create a parallel musical universe where people of different backgrounds could meet in an explosive but strangely compelling environment. They quickly turned the music scene upside down with their originality and brilliance. When they emerged on the scene they picked up a small but loyal fanbase who followed them everywhere and kept growing at an alarming rate. They performed on TV, supported Quarashi and before they knew, they found themselves in the quiet town of Honiton in Devon, England, recording their remarkable debut album in the studio of animateur/recording extrordinaire Ian Dent. Local talent were also a part of the album's creation as Global Communication's Mark Pritchard stopped by and added bits to the mix and Hawkwind's drummer Richard Chadwick laid down drum tracks for the two. The album lifted the band to new heights and became a cult classic in just a few months. Stricken with difficulties in their dealings with record labels, they were forced to push the release back and back again. They kept on though, playing at new and exciting venues such as a cabin in the snow and at The Garden Party Festival in both 2002 and 2003. Their album, tragically enough, is still yet to be released but that doesn't keep these creative minds down, they keep on until they reach their goals. With their second album on the drawing board, they keep on relentlessly, challenging people's ideas of music. They have what it takes, a primal energy that pushes them forward and they stop at nothing.

Helgi Mullet Crew - iceland airwaves - garage @ kapital 15.okt:
Helgi Mullet crew consist of Producer Professor (also a member of APP, Stˇ­lÝfissambandi­, and Slugga Thuggaz Crew) and Karl "2 tuff" (also a member of the Jungle Joe collective, and Slugga Thuggaz Crew).

They have been involved in the Icelandic jungle and garage scene since 1997 and are known to most for their work with where they have been in the spotlight alot during the last few months. They have been producing and writing tunes for some time now and have already compiled some bangers.

Chico Rockstar - iceland airwaves - garage @ kapital 15.okt:
Chico Rockstar is the musical alias of Arn■ˇr SnŠr SŠvarsson, better known to his inner circle as Addi. Although the then year oldĺs piano lessons didnĺt hold his interest for long, the seeds had been planted.

His involvement with electronically centered music began in the early nineties when, at the tender age of 13, he was exposed to the quickly evolving sounds of Acid House and Hardcore. A need to become more active with the music prompted him to get turntables and start dj'ing what then had become drum and bass, and start mucking about with crude music composing software.

In 1996 he, along with long time friend Eldar, started a drum and bass radio show called "Above the cloudz" which aired on Icelandĺs number one alternative music station: "Radio X". Club nights promoted by the pair quickly followed where they would dj themselves as well as getting dj's and artists from the UK and various other countries to perform. This would later evolve into the [] "franchise", which today is still going strong although Addi's involvement is limited to coming to a club night every now and then to catch up with old friends.

Even though having been deeply involved in the drum and bass culture during the later half of the nineties, in 1998 he teamed up with Jˇn Atli Jˇnason in a musical project dubbed "HassbrŠ­ur", a triphop influenced project. Although a short lived project, they left their mark on the Sigur Rˇs remix album "Von Brig­i" with their remix of the track "H˙n J÷r­"

At the turn of the millenium Addi had been getting disillusioned with drum and bass, feeling it had become stagnant and lacking in emotional content and experimental edge. In 2001 after spending a little under a year exploring new directions musically he found his voice, as well as getting into a creative partnership with the vocalist Augusta. That partnership first got noticed when the track Anthem made the rounds to the charts on an alternative radio station in Iceland called "Muzik".

Another partnership was in the works as well, with Kharis O'Connell better known as Remote Worker, who releases on his own label CBB [Central Breakbeat Bionomics]. CBB became a home for Chico Rockstar when he released 3 tracks along with Apparat, Frank Murder and Modeselektor, on the CBB compilation "Hive".

His music is not bound to a specific genre, but has elements of electronica, breakbeat and ambient in it and has been described as "original electronic angles on drums and harmonies the natives of the island execute so brilliantly".

With a Chico Rockstar album on the horizon, the stage has been set. Armed with his laptop and various hardware, Chico Rockstar will soon invade your peaceful neighborhood and upset the minds of those who listen.

Dj Bj÷ssi - iceland airwaves - garage @ kapital 15.okt:
Age: 25 Music: House/Techno & Nu Skool Breakz Through the years he has been playing in all the biggest clubs in Reykjavik such as, Tungli­, Rˇsenberg, Tetriz & Thomsen. On many occasions Bj÷ssi has played with foreign guests in Iceland such as, Luke Slater, Thomas Krome, Jori Holkkunnen, Christian Smith, Adam Freeland, Mistress Barbara & Marcus Intalex.

Dj Ingvi - iceland airwaves - garage @ kapital 15.okt:
Ingvi started playing at the age of 16. Since then he's been a busy jockey. His style can be described as a solid house music. He can go from deep melting beats to banging techno.

Media coverage - iceland airwaves - garage @ kapital 15.okt:
The outburst of the garage scene in Iceland has obviously not been overlooked by the media. Everywhere you look, posters, reviews and comments about this fantastic event are in front of you. Alot of the most prestigious web based media have grabbed the opertunity to cover this event. Even the bigtime daily newspapers, music magazines and popular music tv/radio shows have fallen victim to the magic of the sound. The sounds of garage.

- PD 6.10.2003