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13.10.2003: Say "no to stagnation" - Athugarsemdir(2)
Since the two bad vampires have always been in the forefront of creative arts, and original ideas. It has been decided that on the airwaves show, (which is now in less than two days) we will only showcase fresh music. Music that the Crew has never performed before, and which has been freshly baked in our fruitful minds, so you'll experience the refreshingly "in" sound contained by the stance of the genre at the given time.

Most members of the crew have been busy composing new musical dimensions in their own private studios, and tomorrow, on the night before the show, the crew will have a syncronization session.

- PD

5.10.2003: Garage infopage online - Athugarsemdir(2)
General information about the artists performing at the airwaves garage party @ kapital on october 15th has been posted on the site. The lineup consists of 4 live bands: "Two Bad Vampires & a Dead Guy Crew", "The Zuckakis Mondeyano Project", "Helgi Mullet crew" & "Chico Rockstar". Also the show will be complemented by two dj's, Bjossi & Ingvi.

3.10.2003: Airwaves online update - Athugarsemdir(1752)
Yes, it has happened. We have entered the airwaves website. Check it out: Two Bad Vampires & a Dead Guy crew feat. "Helgi mullet crew", TZMP, "Chico Rockstar" and various dj's. Kapital @ 15.Okt from 21:00-01:00